Dive into Koh Samui’s Largest Swimming Pool


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Your Aquatic Playground at Royal Fight Club Samui

Swimming offers a full-body workout, promoting physical fitness and overall well-being. Whether you’re looking to improve your water skills, build endurance, or provide your children with a safe and enjoyable learning environment, our classes got you covered.

Open Pool Sessions

Enjoy the freedom in our ample pool. Whether you want to practice your strokes, take leisurely laps, or simply bask in the water, our pool is open for your enjoyment.

Swimming classes in Samui

Expert Swimming Instructors

Elevate your swimming skills with personalized 1:1 coaching. Our expert instructors will work with you to refine your water techniques and achieve your swimming goals.

Kids Swimming Classes

Introduce your children to the world of swimming in a fun & safe environment. Our experienced coaches ensure that each lesson is engaging & tailored to your child’s age and skill level.

Clean Environment & Safety First

We take great care to ensure a secure & pristine environment for everyone. Our commitment to safety includes measures both in and around the pool for an enjoyable swimming experience for all our members.

Swimming classes in Samui


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Join Our Thriving Koh Samui Community

Dive into crystal-clear waters at Royal Fight Club Samui, where our swimming classes in Thailand set the standard for aquatic excellence. As home to Samui’s largest swimming pool, we’re not just about laps and dives; we’re a hub for holistic fitness and wellness. Complement your swimming with the strength and endurance cultivated in our MMA training resorts in Thailand. Our extensive offerings include family fitness retreats in Thailand, where every member can find their stride. And for those merging relaxation with fitness goals, our full body workouts in Samui provide a balanced approach to health. Join us at Royal Fight Club Samui, where water becomes the medium for building resilience, fostering community, and enhancing wellness for all ages.