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Mixed Martial Arts training at Royal Fight Club in Koh Samui, Thailand is your gateway to learning a symphony of striking, grappling, wrestling, and submission techniques. Moreover, whether you’re a pro fighter or a beginner looking to step into the octagon, our comprehensive MMA program is designed to make you a well-rounded fighter with a diverse range of combat skills.

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We provide meticulous training, guiding you through comprehensive fighting scenarios. Firstly, refine your skills with smart drills & conditioning that cover standup game, takedowns, ground-and-pound, controlled sparring, and more. Additionally, all training occurs in a secure and supportive environment that will elevate your MMA journey in Koh Samui to new heights, regardless of your level.

Mixed Martial Arts & MMA Holiday vacation Camp in Thailand

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Damian Jozefiak Professional MMA Trainer & Coach in Thailand

Damian Jozefiak

Seasoned MMA Coach & MMA Fighter

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Professional MMA training in Koh Samui, Thailand

Royal Fight Club Samui is your arena for premier MMA training in Koh Samui, Thailand, catering to enthusiasts & professionals alike. Furthermore our MMA gym is a powerhouse for both technique and toughness, offering expert-led training for all levels. Under our roof, refine your Mixed Martial Arts skills with top coaches guiding you every step of the way. Additionally, elevate your combat skills with our professional Mixed Martial Arts training in Thailand, a program that sharpens both novices & experienced fighters.


Beyond the octagon, extend your training with the discipline and precision of our BJJ training in Thailand. Or, balance intensity with serenity at our Muay Thai and yoga retreat in Samui, perfect for an active vacation in Thailand. Finally, embrace the full spectrum of martial arts & fitness where the journey to greatness is just as rewarding as the destination. Engage in MMA wellness retreats in Samui for a holistic approach to fighter fitness and mental resilience, enhancing your capabilities in every facet of life.