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Our fitness programs offer cutting-edge techniques to help you reach your peak fitness level.

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Our workshops empower you with cutting-edge strategies to boost self-confidence.

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Our state-of-the-art facility is a haven for fitness & combat sports enthusiasts. We offer world-class training in a diverse range of disciplines including MMA training in Koh Samui, BJJ training in Thailand, Muay Thai intensive training Samui, Swimming, CrossFit training Thailand, Fitness, Yoga, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned fighter or a beginner, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable training experience with us on the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

SuperPro & Royal Fightclub Muay Thai and Marial Arts Gym in Thailand

Affiliated with SuperPro Samui

Our newly expanded facility is backed by over 20 years of combined experience in the fighting industry and combat sports training, all made possible through the unwavering support of SuperPro Samui, one of the top fight camps in Thailand. In fact, SuperPro is also RFC, ensuring you receive world-class training and support in your martial arts holidays in Thailand.

Our Martial Arts Classes

Discover our classes and embark on a journey of self-improvement, health, and well-being, where you’ll find a wide array of fitness and wellness opportunities waiting for you to explore and enjoy. Join us for luxury MMA experience Thailand, family-friendly fight camps in Samui, and Muay Thai and yoga retreat Samui to enhance your skills and achieve holistic wellness.


  • I recently started using the new 25mtr swimming pool which is a fantastic facility. Super modern, clean and an excellent environment for my personal swim training. The staff are professional and so helpful on all occasions. This place is a must visit for all your sporting and physical training needs. Dont miss out – See you there soon 🤗👍 💪

    Ali Wright
  • I just would like to say that from begginer to pro everybody can enjoy train here, coaches and staff are very professionnals and friendly. They also take care of you, they are very attentive of your execution. I loved train here, i will come back

    Robin Chapp
  • Best place in Thailand I have trained. The rooms are clean, and the training is perfect for fight camps. I often travel here alone so feel very welcomed and safe.

    Amber Kitchen
  • Joined some BJJ classes there and can only recommend. Friendly trainer, good vibes and a clean gym. Everything you need.

    Gerda Rūdytė
  • Friendly and competent staff. Furthermore, the equipment is good and the hotel is hygienic. Recommended!

    Niels Harfterkamp


Welcome to the ultimate Muay Thai and MMA training experience in Koh Samui. Thailand. Our top-rated academy offers everything from Muay Thai beginner courses to professional MMA training. Dive into CrossFit training Thailand, swimming, or a transformative Muay Thai and yoga retreat. With specialized programs for all ages and levels, including family fitness retreats Thailand and female-friendly Muay Thai gym Thailand, we’re the island’s hub for fitness and martial arts. Discover the perfect blend of intensity and serenity in our beachside training camps and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Start your martial arts journey with us today!