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Immerse yourself in Thailand’s ancient & powerful martial art

Muay Thai is a discipline that combines intricate striking techniques with clinching and devastating knee and elbow strikes. Indeed, it’s more than just a sport; it’s a way of life. At Royal Fight Club Samui, we’re dedicated to helping you fully embrace Thai Boxing and its rich traditions and unique techniques as part of our Best Muay Thai camp in Koh Samui.

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You’ll have the opportunity to learn from highly experienced and super friendly trainers who have honed their skills for decades in the heartland of this martial art. Moreover, our trainers are dedicated to guiding you regardless of your level, from mastering Muay Thai beginner courses in Koh Samui to advancing into more complex combinations.

Best Muay Thai camp in Koh Samui

High-Quality Group Classes

Our carefully crafted classes are designed to enhance your striking skills within a supportive training environment. Firstly, starting with a dynamic warm-up, you’ll progress through partner drills. Then, engage in pad work and conditioning, and finally, optional sparring. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded training experience that will take your Thai Boxing skills to the next level, ideal for those participating in our Muay Thai intensive training Samui.

1:1 Private Sessions

We personalize our sessions to your goals, whether you want to fight in Thailand, prepare for a competition, simply get fit, or master this beautiful martial art. Furthermore, we tailor your training to your unique ambitions, helping you forge the next chapter of your Muay Thai competitive training in Samui.

Best Muay Thai camp in Koh Samui

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SuperPro & Royal Fightclub Muay Thai and Marial Arts Gym in Thailand

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Join the best Muay Thai camp in Koh Samui, Thailand

Step into the ring at Royal Fight Club, where our Muay Thai training is unmatched. Recognized as the best Muay Thai camp in Koh Samui, Thailand we cultivate champions with techniques honed by tradition and innovation. Additionally, our camp isn’t just about striking and defense; it’s a gateway to a wider world of fitness & martial arts. Furthermore, enhance your Muay Thai with diverse martial arts offerings and achieve peak condition with our specialized CrossFit training in Thailand.


Also, our comprehensive approach integrates MMA personal training in Thailand, ensuring a well-rounded martial arts education. For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, join our Muay Thai and yoga retreat in Samui, blending the art of eight limbs with mindful wellness. Finally, embrace the journey at Royal Fight Club Samui, where every challenge is an opportunity to grow stronger, together, with our exclusive Muay Thai health benefits program.